About Us

The Company

Biodux Solutions is a leading enterprise-solutions provider for small and medium scale business -SMEs- working throughout Nigeria and internationally. Our core disciplines encompass operation development, standardization and streamlining, promoting accountability through proper documentation, boosting staff efficiency and manpower through the aid of The Virtual Managers.


Our Mission

Is to provide innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions for servicing companies, manufacturing industries, hotels, restaurants, retail & wholesale outlets, bookshops, supermarkets, fast food outlets, educational institutions, government agencies and a diverse range of businesses in Nigeria and internationally.


Our Business

Biodux Solutions specializes in the development of custom, real-time, enterprise-wide softwares and corporate mind-share. The valuable but complex process of gathering data throughout an organization into a company-wide data repository so companies can track and study enterprise-wide trends. Biodux Solutions is also championing "The Business Edge", which are sufficiently powerful to manage all business processes and is updated from multiple data sources or data marts, frequently enough to support real-time, operational and strategic decision-making. Biz Edge is designed to eliminate redundant staff, cut down costs and increase operational efficiency.


Our People

We have a team of experienced, seasoned and qualified staff which include: engineers, accountants, hospitality experts and software engineers who shall be providing you with first hand services and advice. They receive regular training to ensure they are able to make best use of new technology and stay abreast of the latest developments in their field.


Our Clients

We work with a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. We help them standardize their operations, develop their markets, prosper  and meet regulatory demands. They range from small rural enterprises to major corporations, government departments and agencies.