Biz Edge Accounting

Biz Edge Accounting for Business

Biz Edge Accounting - is a full function accounting software which provides tools for creating a custom bookkeeping system and yet remains user-friendly. The intuitive menu allows the user to track all sales, client payments and receipts and put them in ledger or report form. What makes it such a powerful application is that all of this can be viewed instantly from any branch of the company so that vital and informed decisions can be made without sending and opening files containing the information.
The software makes it simple to do payroll, figure expenses and view payments for any of the businesses in the system. In addition, the entire user's budgeting, auditing and security information is just a click away. The software can even let the user know which clients are paying on time or paying late. An instant report or graph can be viewed, allowing for split-second decision-making.
Biz Edge Accounting is ideal for consultancies, service companies, manufacturers, small to medium sized businesses.
Biz Edge Accounting costs much less than full function versions of other accounting packages. Why pay more for an accounting system when Biz Edge Accounting exceeds most requirements.
Biz Edge Accounting is Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista ready. A new installer allows easier installation. The headings on screens and reports in Biz Edge Accounting can be customised to suit local needs.
Boxed versions of Biz Edge Accounting can now be purchased from Biodux Solutions and from some other leading retailers in the Nigeria. Delivery can be made to most states within the country.
Biz Edge Accounting has a track record of being used successfully by many different types of business for book keeping, invoicing and accounts in the Nigeria.
Updates of Biz Edge Accounting are available. Visit Biz Edge website for details.
Biz Edge Accounting combines ease of use with the power of the internet, it allow the user to email documents as they are entered to clients, suppliers and contacts.  Features include an easy to use interface and multi-level security on all screens.

The features provided by Biz Edge Accounting include the following:

• Invoicing / quotation
• Payments received
• Clients details
• Sales analysis
• Clients statements
• Purchasing / purchase orders
• Payments to suppliers
• Supplier details
• Purchase Analysis
• Diary
• Telephone directory
• Export in standard formats
• Setup of E-mail
• Chart of accounts
• Assets, liabilities, equity, income, cost of sales, expenses
• Journal posting & entry posting
• Bank reconciliation
• Standard accounts reports
• User file maintenance
• Tax file maintenance
• Flexible date format, paper size, tax name

Gold Support option is available for enhanced levels of support. Consider the cost to your business if your accounting system is not working.
Biz Edge Accounting is being used successfully with many different types of small to medium sized businesses in many countries.

Some examples of the types of company are listed below:

• Agencies
• Computers
• Computer Services
• Contractors
• Consultancies
• Electronics
• Electrical Goods     
• Engineering
• Foods
• Garage Services
• IT Services
• Manufacturing
• Medical Supplies
• Office Supplies     
• Plant Hire
• Sports
• Supplies
• Training
• Travel
• Traders

One Biz Edge Accounting license key is required for each company. A licence is for the accounting system for one company per location.