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Biz Edge RetailPOS converts your PC into a powerful Point of Sale system with inventory control - no hidden extras.

Attach standard POS hardware such as a Docket printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Pole Display, Scales and Touch Screen to create a POS system with one or more POS stations. Most leading brands of POS hardware are supported. Biz Edge RetailPOS has a simple user interface with powerful security. Ideal for most shops and retail outlets.


Biz Edge RetailPOS includes all the features of full Point of Sale software.

Many of our customers have selected Biz Edge RetailPOS after evaluating against POS systems costing two or even three times the price. Why pay more for a POS system when Biz Edge RetailPOS exceeds most requirements with an affordable price.


Biz Edge RetailPOS is Windows XP, windows 7 and Vista ready. A new installer allows easier installation. The headings on screens and reports in Biz Edge RetailPOS can be customised to suit local needs.

Biz Edge RetailPOS includes support for scales and includes support for restaurants. Multi-Location features are in the standard download. This allows stock to be viewed across several locations. A temporary or permanent license is required to unlock the features.

See Support Info for more details.

Features of Biz Edge RetailPOS

Supported OS
Windows Operating System
XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

• Point of sale entry screen

• Start of day processing

• POS transaction reports

• POS screen setup

• Support for touch screens

• Setup for docket & POS printer

• Setup for display & cash drawer

• Barcode printing

• Inventory System

• Invoicing / quotation

• Payments received

• Clients details

• Sales analysis

• Clients statements

• Purchasing / purchase orders

• Payments to suppliers

• Supplier details

• Purchase Analysis

• Customer Telephone

• Export of reports

• Stock details

• Stock groups

• Stock adjustments

• Stock analysis

• User maintenance

• Tax file maintenance

• Flexible date format, paper size, tax name


Biz Edge RetailPOS has a track record of being used successfully with many different types of retail business in the Nigeria.

Some examples of the types of retail outlet are listed below.

• Art Shops

• Bathroom Shops

• Book Shops

• Builders

• Clothes Shops

• Computer Shops

• Cosmetics Shops

• Electronics Shops

• General Stores

• Golf Equipment

• Health Resorts

• Jewellery Shops

• Mobile Phones

• Motor Spares

• Music Shops

• Novelty Goods

• Office Equipment

• Opticians

• Pharmacies

• Printers

• Photo Shops

• Shoe Shops

• Sports Shops

• Supermarkets

• Toy Shops

• Trading Companies


Send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request for a demo

Biodux Solutions offer discounts where the software will be used in a charity or for a good cause. We offer free license keys for use in educational establishments and for students. Please contact us for details on these. T&C Apply.


Biz Edge RetailPOS Product


1 user (POS Station) License


2 user (POS Station) License


3 user (POS Station) License


4 user (POS Station) License


6 user (POS Station) License


8 user (POS Station) License


12 user (POS Station) License


Other numbers of POS stations

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Multi-Location (Multi store) Prices are combinations of above. Please contact Biodux Solution for details. Gold Support on the main depot is a requirement for multi-location


  • The purchase price will depend on the method of purchase and exchange rates.
  • There are no annual fees payable unless support or upgrades are required.
  • One Biz Edge RetailPOS license key is required for each retail outlet.
  • A 2 user license supports two POS stations or workstations for one retail outlet.