Biz Edge RetailPOS Features

Here is a list of some of the features in Version 4.x.x. If you don't see something you need or want, call or e-mail us and find out how Biz Edge RetailPOS will work for you.

Sales Features


1. Works with touch screens/systems and non-touch screen based systems
2. Tax application (VAT)
3. Deposit Tracking
4. Open multiple sales screens
5. Discount on all items
6. Discount per line
7. Sales Order
8. 5 Price levels
9. Different mode of payment
Serial Number Tracking
11. Display customer balance on screen and receipt
12. Receipt Printing (A4, A5 and 80mm Paper)
13. Reprint receipts
14. Void sales

Customer Features

1. Customer Registration
2. Customer Loyalty Program and Cards
3. Customer Accounts and Invoicing
4. Customer contacts
5. Fixing Discount Rules


Inventory Features

1. Received Good
2. Receiving Histories
3. Request
4. List Stock Tracking
5. Vendor Field
6. Stock Transfers from one location to another
7. Adjust Inventory for expired or damaged items



Report Menu

After you have created from the Edit Menu and posted transactions of the company, the next step is to view report of every activity posted. Viewing report like of Sales Record, Sales Invoice, Receipts, Payment Customer balances, stock information etc. All reports are based on the data entered.


Report menu allows you to view reports of every activity posted within the software;


The Report menu provides the following options:

  1. Sales Record
  2. Sales Order
  3. Sale Invoice
  4. Receipts
  5. Payments
  6. Returns
  7. Warranty
  8. Statistics
  9. Sales Rep. Performance
  10. Tax
  11. Account Payable
  12. Account Receivable
  13. Gross Profit
  14. Ledger (Customer, Vendor and Member)
  15. Balance (Customer, Vendor and Member)
  16. Contact (Customer, Vendor and Member)
  17. Sales Stock (Balance, Movement, Bin Card, Stock Transfers and Stock Reconciliation)
  18. Central Stock
  19. Stock Adjustment
  20. Sales Request
  21. List of Items.


Tools Menu

Tools menu provides you additional features to make work more efficient and easier. For example, if you want to change your password or license information. There are many utilities provided in Biz Edge. For your convenience, we have categorized these utilities under different heads or groups.

On clicking the Tool Menu option, a list of options is displayed. Given here is the list of the Tool menu option.

  • Calculator
  • Change Password
  • License
  • Warranty Check
  • Stock Check
  • Export


Security Features

Security refers to two different things:

  1. The ability to limit access to information or program functions. This is used to make sure that staff cannot make unauthorized transactions or see confidential information. Each employee is assigned a password to determine their access level.


Some of the Biz Edge RetailPOS password features are:


1. Passwords determine the functions a person can use.
2. All sales transactions are logged with the date, time and name of the sales person.
3. Optional requirement for a manager's password before the system will void a sale.


  1. The ability to roll back (restore) your data to a previously saved version. This is used to undo the results of serious errors. For example, say you delete twenty invoices and then discover that they were the wrong twenty. An easy way out can avoid big headaches.

The Biz Edge RetailPOS rollback features are:


  • The system backs up daily at a specified time
  • Select back up files to roll back by date.

Client Server Architecture

The client/server software architecture is a versatile architecture that improves flexibility and scalability. A client is defined as a requester of services and a server is defined as the provider of services. A single machine can be both a client and a server depending on the software configuration.

This means that Biz Edge RetailPOS Software will be extremely stable and will maintain data integrity across LAN networks.

Biz Edge Accounting Links

Direct links to Biz Edge Accounting. Biz Edge RetailPOS will put the data into Biz Edge Accounting after been configured. Biz Edge RetailPOS allows you to map your Item information into different accounts in Biz Edge Accounting.


Biz Edge IEx Service Integration

The Biz Edge RetailPOS integrates fully with IEx Service Information Exchange Service (IExS) is an online based service that synchronizes transaction, data, documents or records across all branches of an organisation. It gives software applications the ability to work online and offline without the need to worry about facilities or extensive application modification.

Information Exchange Service (IExS) is simple to implement and works seamlessly with Biz Edge RetailPOS Software and can be integrated into other third party software. It is secure, easy to use and works without user intervention.


Device and Driver Compatibility

Biz Edge RetailPOS can use any supported device that has an OPOS Driver. The OPOS drivers allow Biz Edge RetailPOS to work with cash drawers, Pole Display, receipt printers and Dymo label printers. This allows users who migrate to Biz Edge RetailPOS from different or older POS systems to use their existing equipment if the equipment is supported by OPOS drivers.